Protect Against Dos Attack

How To Hack Wordpress Site?
How To Hack Wordpress Site?

How to Prevent DoS Attacks and DDoS Attacks

Your website can be down for hours due to a DDoS attack on your server. You can lose significant revenue while your website is down. Even visitors can find an alternate. How to Protect Your Website from Denial of Service Attacks.

This weekend saw the worst denial-of-service attack to date. It took down some of the most important internet services in the world. The attack caused the websites Reddit, Twitter, PayPal, and Twitter to go down for hours. In this post, we shall discuss DDoS attacks and some DDoS attack prevention tools.

What is DDoS Attack?

Distributed Denial of Service is a type of cyberattack that targets critical systems to disrupt network connectivity. A disruption to the network service results in a denial or interruption of all services that are available for the target resource. A single DDoS attack consists of multiple malware-infected systems affecting one computer.

There are three types of denial of service attacks:

1. Application-Layer Attacks

The application layer is the layer closest to user interaction. It is the highest layer in any OSI network. The application layer targets direct web traffic. This can be done in any of the possible ways, such as HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, and HTTP.

These attacks are difficult to detect because they require a smaller number of machines, and sometimes only one device. The server cannot identify the attack, so it takes it as legitimate traffic with a higher volume than regular traffic.

2. Volumetric Attacks

This is the most popular DDoS attack. It targets the network bandwidth and overloads it with unlegitimate requests to every port. The website crashes when the flood of data overwhelms its ports.

3. Protocol Attacks

This attack targets the connection tables within the network. It directly affects the verification of connections. A protocol attack can also cause damage to a firewall. That is why a firewall is not enough to stop any DDoS attack.

How to Prevent DDoS Attacks

Create a DDoS Response plan

Based on a comprehensive protection assessment, you can create a Denial of Service response strategy plan. This plan may require multiple teams to be implemented by large companies with complex infrastructure. It is impossible to plan the best actions in the event of a DDoS attack. However, it is better to prepare a plan that allows for prompt responses and can prevent any damage.

Network Security Basics

Underlying network security may not be able to protect your server from DDoS attacks but act as the foundation of a secure network. You can improve security by regularly changing your passwords, using secured firewalls and other anti-phishing techniques.

Know the Warning Signs

DDoS attacks can be detected by certain signs, such as site downtime, network slowdowns, and visible connectivity in the company’s intranet. These are all signs that you should take immediate action to stop the attack.

Protect your Network Infrastructure

These types of attacks can only be prevented by implementing the correct multi-level security strategies. Standard network equipment provides limited protection against DDoS attacks. To ensure strong security, you will need to add additional services. Cloud-based services that are pay-per-use can provide you with excellent protection against these types of attacks.

Make the most of the cloud

Cloud-based services have multiple benefits to protect against DDoS attacks. It has two main advantages. First, it is more resource- and bandwidth-efficient than a private network. The cloud’s diffuse nature absorbs malicious traffic before it reaches its intended destination.

Create a robust network architecture

A server’s security is dependent on its network architecture. A network that can reduce traffic is essential for any organization. Because it is easier to attack a distributed resource, a company should have its servers located in different locations.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned methods will help you be prepared for a DDoS attack. If you’re unable to do the same, you could hire a reputable company such as Swatch, which can perform these types of jobs.