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The hacking of websites is a significant issue on the Internet. Hackers now mean new tactics where the website owner may not get a clue that their website has been hacked, but they are there, stealing information and impersonating to hack others from inside the webserver. The Open Source CMS like Joomla are updated continuously and patched, but the obsolete versions and the old extensions still provide hackers with a backdoor.

If the Joomla website is a victim of hacking and spam attacks, spreading malware, displaying pharmaceutical-related links in search engines, or if Google warns users of potential security threats on your website, your website may be compromised. And the good news is that we can help fix this.

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There is nothing worse for a website owner than having his website down and demolished because of a hack. Time contributes to financial losses, affects the ranking of search engines, demolishes web traffic as clients, users and customers lose trust in you and your product. And we come to your aid once again!

The Joomla Hack Restoration Service restores and enforces repairs along with recommendations for future security within a set time frame and ensures that the website is restored live as quickly as possible. *

How should i know that my Joomla Website is Hacked?

  • Browsers show a alert about malware infections and block access to your website
  • Your hosting server¬†suspends the account, citing malicious activities
  • New users (with malicious intent) have entered your account and the Dashboard shows their logins
  • Browsers show unexpected actions on your website
  • Hackers have code modified or impregnated into your website

Scan Your Joomla website with Joomla malware Scanner

Joomla, that cloud-based! Malware removal tool scans the website for possible viruses and malware infections, identifies security holes and vulnerabilities, and protects the website from advanced persistent security threats. The Web Inspector also monitors blacklisting of websites and warns the website owner immediately before the site becomes blacklisted.

Blacklist status browser

Browsers maintain a blacklisted website database and provide tools for checking your website status. Google includes website ranking as part of a “Transparency Study.”

Search for recent changes in core files after you have checked your URL. When malware has recently been introduced, you can try to find the difference between the earlier stable and the newly infected versions. Experts in cyber-security recommend comparing suspicious and durable (good) files as one of the best ways to confirm infection with malware. If you detect malware, then the best bet would be to restore it with a clean site backup.

Check Your Joomla for unauthorized users! Account.

Hackers may insert their names into the list. Analyze logs for user behavior, which is unusual/suspicious.

It would help if you cleaned the database tables when you suspect infection with malware by logging into an admin screen, looking for malicious material, and manually deleting it.

Hackers usually impregnate the website with a backdoor so that they can inject malware or steal data whenever needed. Intelligent hackers name something similar to existing files in their backdoor to avoid detection. These backdoor must be rooted out by comparing files and by Joomla! Tools for removing malware.

After getting rid of malware on your website, and making a Joomla certified! Malware scanner website, you must ask the authorities that have blacklisted your website to review it. After positive analysis, they will remove your web site from the blacklist.

Precautionary steps

  • Joomla Patch! Tools, including critical files and extensions, and all its elements.
  • Reduce Super-Administrator and Admin exclusive accounts. Allow privileges only based on need, and be very strict. All users’ passwords reset.
  • Allow users obliged to follow a strict password policy. Additionally, allow for two-factor authentication (2FA) for more excellent protection.
    Implement a firewall to prevent any further contamination of the website. It can help to combat attacks by DDoS and by Brute Force.
  • Implement a rigorous backup and restore program compliant with industry best practices.
  • Manual monitoring is not valid for suspicious activity. Wear a Joomla!

Don’t worry we will take care of all these work and lot more work to secure your site.

Website Malware Removal & Fixing Hacked Website Processes

  • Repair malware notification from google (red screen)
  • Fixing illegal redirecting pages to other sites
  • Fixing phishing notice
  • Scanning & removing all malicious codes
  • Fixing Google blacklist (for SEO)
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Malware affects client networks but uses innocent web servers to reach other customers. You might not see any malicious activities on your site. Still, someone may have secretly modified your website by installing malicious code, inserting iframes, adding links to another Website that host the malware, or created third party advertising that appears on your site. Please chat with us to remove it instantly.

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The cost of your services?
The cost of your services?

You will also investigate the hacking of your website to identify blind points inside the code and remove them as soon as possible. It would be best if you even remembered that hackers often reserve ways to further hack your website after having access to your site. Only a professional can find these paths. Let’s do it for an affordable price to restore your hacked website almost instantly!

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