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To all website owners, our website scanning feature is a perfect solution. It was developed by our engineers who have many years of Website Security experience. Our website scanner smartly crawls through your website and detects all potential vulnerabilities and backdoor on your site. We update our website scanner database every day and add new features to keep your website safe.

It is essential for any business owner to develop a controlled, smart and comprehensive security solution for the web application to prevent it from being part of the malware distribution chain. However, it is also important to know what to do if your website has been hacked.

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Website Malware Scanner Online

You must clear up, delete malware and restore normal activity, after gaining insight into where the malware is located at your hacked website.

A warning: the cleaning of a compromised site requires many complicated and technical measures. If you are unsure, it is best to get qualified assistance to clean up and patch your website after a hacking case.

What Our Advanced Website scanner do?

Here is a list of types of malware which our scanner can detect:

  • Detection of Phishing Pages: (Hackers can mount a phishing page on your website without realizing it. Often they can use your website)
  • Website Defaults: (When hackers break into your website they may change the appearance of your website or website. We have set up a feature that can help you avoid any changes on your site)
  • MySQL and JavaScript injections: (There are many different attacks on your website, but the most common type and the simplest is probably MySQL injection. Our scanner will help you detect all possible JavaScript and MySQL problems)
  • PHP Mailers: (Sometimes hackers use your website to send SPAM emails from your web server. Our smart scanning module detects all possible PHP mailing scripts on your site and prevents the sending of SPAM to your website)
  • Social Engineering Attacks: (There are many ways to hack your website using social engineering; our scanning tools will help you secure your website.)
  • Hidden iFrames: (If hackers have access to your Ftp website, they usually set up an invisible iFrame, so they can use your website to get the viruses on the computers of your visitors)
  • Redirects: It also detect unauthorized redirect from your website to other malicious websites.
  • Website Backdoor: (Allow to get full control on website and server)
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS): Our scanner detect most common cross site scripting
  • .htaccess (Hack Detection): Website mainly changed using this .htaccess controller and more.

Website Malware Removal & Fixing Hacked Website Processes

  • Repair malware notification from google (red screen)
  • Fixing illegal redirecting pages to other sites
  • Fixing phishing notice
  • Scanning & removing all malicious codes
  • Fixing Google blacklist (for SEO)
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Where are you at?
Where are you at?

Malware affects client networks but uses innocent web servers to reach other customers. You might not see any malicious activities on your site. Still, someone may have secretly modified your website by installing malicious code, inserting iframes, adding links to another Website that host the malware, or created third party advertising that appears on your site. Please chat with us to remove it instantly.

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The cost of your services?
The cost of your services?

You will also investigate the hacking of your website to identify blind points inside the code and remove them as soon as possible. It would be best if you even remembered that hackers often reserve ways to further hack your website after having access to your site. Only a professional can find these paths. Let’s do it for an affordable price to restore your hacked website almost instantly!

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