Site Is Down Check

Site Is Down Check
Site Is Down Check

Why you should monitor your website

You are responsible for monitoring website uptime as a website manager. Your website may be unavailable for some visitors, but the site is still accessible from other locations. Visitors may not be able to access your website if it is offline. This can damage your brand reputation and traffic. We have provided 4 methods to determine if a website has gone down.

It can happen due to some technical problems like DNS changes or server maintenance. These are some ways to determine if a website has stopped working or is not functioning across the globe.

1. Checking Website 24×7

This website allows you to check the status of your website from over 100 locations. This includes places like Sydney, New York City, China, London, and China. It also provides information about the total response time and the first-byte, last-byte, and time it took to resolve DNS and connect.

These are the steps to verify your website status. How to determine if a website has gone down:

  • You will find a field for entering your URL 24×7.
  • Enter your website URL and click Test Now.
  • The process will take only a few minutes and will return with a graph or table in a detailed report.

This will indicate that your website is available for all locations around the globe. It can also indicate that it is offline if it displays dash symbols or Host Unavailable in the IP columns.

2. Check with Website Planet

It can be used as both a website status checker and a website down checker. This gives you a clear result about whether a website has gone offline or online.

Follow these steps to check your website’s status.

  1. Visit Website Planet
  2. Click the Check Button to enter your website URL into the box.
  3. It will indicate whether your website is online and offline.

If your website is online, you will see the symbol of ‘UP Arrow’. If it isn’t, ‘Down Arrow” will be displayed.

3.Verify Hide Proxy Server

This platform gives you a unique way of determining the status of your website. It uses proxy servers to redirect your website to different locations and verify the condition.

It is important to know that a proxy server can be used to access a website from other locations.

First, the connection is established to a proxy server at a different location. Next, the server will send a request to the website and you will see the result on your screen.

Follow these steps:

  1. Hide mine. the name offers a free trial.
  2. Next, you will need to provide a valid email address to receive a free VPN login password.
  3. Click VPN for Windows to install the software. You can select the operating system that you prefer, such as windows, mac, or android.
  4. Follow the installation steps. Start Hide me. name VPN on your device. Enter the code that you received in your mail.
  5. Select a country where you would like to test the status of your website.

This software is used to verify that Swatch is available in Flanders, Belgium. It will tell you if your website isn’t available after you have changed your server area. To confirm, you can also check other server areas.

4. Checking Host Tracker

This method gives you more information than other methods. It offers many benefits such as page speed, trace and health, HTTPS, security, and ping. You can also become a premium member to receive additional benefits such as the ability to keep your website updated in real-time. Website uptime history you will be nudged when it falls.

Follow these steps to find out more about your website.

  • Navigate to Host tracker and you’ll see a box with a URL at the bottom of the page. To check the status of your website, choose Ping Tab.
  • To see the global status of your site, enter the URL and select Al World. Click on the Check button.
  • The process may take some time and you will see the details on your screen.

Positive results can indicate that your site is functioning around the world.

The Last Words

We hope you find clarity on how to determine if a website has gone down.

To be certain about the status of your website, you can combine any of these methods. You can also pass several tasks to your website to Swatch, a trusted organization. Watch is a worldwide leader in keeping tabs on your website and providing security.