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SQL Injection Scanner
SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Scanner Online

SQL Injection Scanner

Protect your applications with an SQL Injection Scanner.

Although SQL injection remains a big danger to application security, the correct SQL injection scanner can help defend your programme from malicious attempts.

sql injection scanner
sql injection scanner

Hackers use SQL attacks to mislead a programme into submitting unexpected SQL requests. A common point of attack is web form fields. If the application adds a command to a SQL query without properly sanitising it, attackers can include their own SQL instructions to be performed by the database.

SQL injection scanner technology can easily protect your company from these types of assaults, but picking the proper one is crucial. Your SQL injection scanner solution should be simple to use and shouldn’t cause problems for development teams trying to achieve tight deadlines.

Data leaks online hit the headlines virtually every day. For numerous firms and private bodies, we learn about them and we even hear about them in conjunction with the protection of government databases. The SQL Injection flaw is a frequent cause of these kinds of data breaches and can be quickly identified automatically with a web vulnerability scanner.

Even though the security vulnerability of SQL Injection has been around for almost as long as the Internet itself, and has always been classified on the OWASP Top Ten list as the most important vulnerability, it remains a concern. While it is easily recognizable to developers, if you are vigilant in checking the web apps for bugs and security holes, it may be challenging to detect.

With the increase in the use of web applications and the move to the cloud of confidential data and business processes, further opportunities have arisen for hackers looking to create havoc. Modern web apps are very complicated, and they have exploitable vulnerabilities more frequently than not, even though they operate on SSL (HTTPS). Reports reveal that over 70% of websites have any flaw that can be easily abused by hackers-do not let yours be one of them.

For early detection of SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and other vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your web applications and web servers, use the Netsparker online SQL injection security scanner.

Best free and open source SQL Injection Scanner tools

SQL injection is one of the most prevalent online application attacks. This is used against websites that query data from a database server using SQL. A successful SQL injection attack can read sensitive data from your database, including email, usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. An attacker has the ability to read, alter, and delete data from the database. As a result, SQL injection can be quite dangerous.

There are several types of SQL injections, each of which is determined by its scope. These are the following:

  1. Classic SQL injection
  2. Blind SQL injection
  3. Database specific SQL injection
  4. Compound SQLI

I’m not going to get into the specifics of these classes. In the past, we’ve covered a number of SQL injection lessons. You can use the search feature to look through our resources.

Because developers are unconcerned about data validation and security, SQL injection vulnerabilities exist. Users’ input must be sanitised before being passed into SQL queries, yet many developers fail to do so or do so incorrectly. As a result, the web application is vulnerable to SQL injection.

By injecting queries in multiple parameters, a browser-based attack can easily do classic SQL injection. It does, however, necessitate a working grasp of SQL queries. You must be an expert with extensive understanding of database queries, database design, and experience to do blind SQL injection or any other type of SQL injection. And manual methods take a long time.

SQL injection tools have been developed by providing a good detection engine to make the SQL injection attack procedure easier. These tools are becoming smarter with each new version. The vulnerable URL is passed as a parameter to these tools, which then attack the target. These tools can detect the sort of assault thanks to their detection and attack engine. A vulnerable URL may be protected by a session and need authentication. As a result, these tools now have the ability to login to a web site using a username and password provided by the user in order to perform SQL injection in the target application. These tools can easily do GET-based, POST-based, and cookie-based SQL injection.

These tools can carry out an attack automatically, and you will receive a successful attack outcome in a matter of minutes. These technologies also enable you to access any database table or column with a single click and attack process. You can use commands to access data in CLI tools. You may also use these tools to conduct SQL queries in the target database. As a result, you have access to the target server’s data and can alter or delete it. Attackers can also use these tools to upload and download files from the server.

We’ve included a couple open source SQL injection tools in this post. These tools are extremely powerful, and they can carry out automatic SQL injection attacks on the target applications. I’ll also include a download link so you can try out the tool. I did my best to compile a list of the greatest and most widely used SQL injection tools.

BSQL hacker

BSQL Hacker is a useful SQL injection tool for performing SQL injection attacks on online sites. This solution is for individuals who need a SQL injection tool that works automatically. It’s designed specifically for blind SQL injection. This programme is quick and uses a multi-threaded approach to provide better and faster results.

It can be used to defend against four main types of SQL injection attacks:

  1. Blind SQL Injection
  2. Time Based Blind SQL Injection
  3. Deep Blind (based on advanced time delays)
  4. SQL Injection Error Based SQL Injection

This programme operates in an automatic mode and can retrieve the majority of data from a database. It supports both the GUI and the console. You can experiment with any of the available UI modes. You can also save or load saved attack data from GUI mode.

Multiple injection points are supported, including the query string, HTTP headers, POST, and cookies. It allows for the use of a proxy to carry out the assault. It can also get into web accounts using the default authentication details and carry out the attack from that account. It works with SSL-protected URLs as well as SSL URLs with expired certificates.

MSSQL, ORACLE, and MySQL are all supported by the BSQL Hacker SQL injection tool. However, MySQL support is experimental on this database server and is not as effective as it is on the other two.

SQLmap is a database mapping service

Among all SQL injection tools available, SQLMap is the most popular open source SQL injection tool. This programme makes it simple to exploit a web application’s SQL injection vulnerability and take control of the database server. It includes a robust detection engine that can quickly identify the majority of SQL injection issues.

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, SAP MaxDB, and HSQLDB are among the database servers it supports. The majority of commonly used database servers are already included. SQL injection attacks such as boolean-based blind, time-based blind, error-based, UNION query-based, stacked queries, and out-of-band are also supported.

The application contains a built-in password hash recognition system, which is a nice feature. It aids in the identification of the password hash and the subsequent cracking of the password using a dictionary attack.

When the database server is MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server, this programme allows you to download or upload any file from the database server. It also allows you to run arbitrary commands and obtain their standard output on the database server, but only for these three database servers.

After connecting to a database server, this tool allows you to search the entire database server for a specific database name, certain tables, or certain columns. When you need to search for a specific field but the database server is too large and contains too many databases and tables, this is a really handy option.

Download SQL Map from the following link:


SQLninja – SQL Injection Scanner

SQLninja is a SQL injection tool that targets web sites that use a SQL server to store data. At initially, this tool might not be able to locate the injection site. If it is detected, however, it is simple to automate the exploitation process and retrieve data from the database server.

This programme can disable data execution prevention by adding remote shots to the database server OS’s registry. The tool’s overall goal is to give the attacker remote access to a SQL database server.

It can also be used in conjunction with Metasploit to provide graphical access to a remote database. It also supports TCP and UDP bindshells, both direct and reverse.

This programme is not compatible with Windows. It is currently only available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and iOS.

Download SQLninja from the following link:


Safe3 SQL Injection Scanner

Another strong but simple to use SQL injection tool is Safe3 SQL Injector. It, like other SQL injection tools, automates the SQL injection process and aids attackers in exploiting the SQL injection vulnerability to obtain access to a remote SQL server. It features a strong AI engine that can quickly identify the database server, injection type, and the best strategy to exploit the flaw.

It can handle both HTTP and HTTPS sites. SQL injection can be done through GET, POST, or cookies. To perform a SQL injection attack, it also supports authentication (Basic, Digest, and NTLM HTTP authentications). MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, and SAP MaxDB database management systems are all supported by the programme.

It also enables read, list, and write any file from the database server for MYSQL and MS SQL. It also allows attackers to run arbitrary instructions and receive the results on an Oracle or Microsoft SQL server database server. It also includes features such as web path guessing, MD5 cracking, domain querying, and a thorough SQL injection scan.

From the following website, you may get the Safe3 SQL injector tool:



SQLSus is a MySQL injection and takeover tool that is another open source SQL injection tool. This utility is written in Perl, and you can add your own code to enhance the functionalities. This programme has a command line interface that allows you to insert SQL queries and perform SQL injection attacks.

This programme claims to be quick and effective. It claims to maximise the amount of data acquired by employing a sophisticated blind injection attack algorithm. It also employs stacked subqueries for improved results. It has multi-threading to perform attacks in several threads, which speeds up the process even further.

It also supports HTTPS, just as other SQL injection tools. It can attack using both GET and POST methods. Cookies, socks proxy, HTTP authentication, and binary data retrieval are also supported.

If access to information schema is denied or the table does not exist, a bruteforce approach can be used to determine the table’s name. You can also use this tool to clone a database, table, or column into a local SQLite database and use it in several sessions.

If you wish to use a SQL injection tool to defend against a MySQL attack, this is the programme to use because it is tailored to this particular database server.

SQLsus can be downloaded from the following link:


Mole – SQL Injection Scanner

Mole  This is a Sourceforge-hosted open source project. All you have to do now is discover the vulnerable URL and enter it into the programme. Using Union-based or Boolean-based query techniques, this programme can discover the vulnerability from the given URL. Although this utility has a command line interface, it is simple to use. Auto-completion is available for both commands and command arguments. As a result, this tool is simple to use.

Mole can connect to MySQL, MsSQL, and Postgres databases. As a result, SQL injection attacks are limited to certain databases. This programme was created in Python and only Python3 and Python3-lxml are required to use it. GET, POST, and cookie-based attacks are also supported by this tool. However, in order to use this programme, you must first master the commands. Commands are uncommon, but they are necessary. It’s up to you whether you want to write down those commands or study them.

Use the following URL to get the Mole SQL injection tool:


Please note that we do not condone the use of these tools for illicit purposes. Use these tools exclusively to discover new things and exclusively on your own websites. We shall not be held liable for any damage caused by your use of these tools.

What are the dangers of SQL Injection attacks?

Hackers inject malicious code into an existing SQL assertion while performing a SQL injection attack. What this means is that a database server is running the modified statement, which is used to manipulate the connected database data and initiate a response. Depending on how the rights are installed, these can give the hacker the right to review, erase, edit and add data in the database. In the worst case, the entire domain and web server may therefore theoretically be taken over by an attacker. When you aren’t looking, this will all happen easily. And consumer trust will easily erode, as we’ve seen in a variety of high-profile cases.

Prompt detection of web security problems and bugs is essential for an efficient remediation method. It is time-intensive and wasteful to manually search for each potential vulnerability.

Final Thoughts

These are some automated SQL Injection Scanner tools that you can use to carry out a SQL injection attack. If I missed something, please let us know in the comments section. Some of these programmes additionally include particular operating system penetration testing. You probably already have a few of these tools if you use Backtrack or Kali Linux. As a result, you can test them out in such operating systems.

Please note that we do not condone the use of these tools for illicit purposes. Use these tools exclusively to discover new things and exclusively on your own websites. We shall not be held liable for any damage caused by your use of these tools.