Why Do You Need To Check Site Security Online For a Safer Cyber Experience Most website developers prioritize building their website perfectly. That's very ideal. Though in reality, the website might be exposed to vulnerabilities – enticing to cyber criminals. You can't be creating a structure without some security measures. You have to make sure [...]

DZone > Security Zone > Top 9 Web Security Tools to Secure Your App/System Top 9 Web Security Tools to Secure Your App/System This article introduces nine security tools that can help secure apps and systems by detecting and providing solutions for AppSec implemenation gaps. by Sanjay Ghinaiya · Dec. 16, 20 · Security Zone [...]

3 Security Company Website Best Practices You Need to Know? A website is as important as a phone number for any small organization in 2020. For your business, your website serves many useful purposes. It can seem daunting if you've never designed a website before. Holding these best practices in mind will start you on [...]

In the aftermath of the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, terms like data privacy, website security, and data protection have become more than just buzzwords. Users are increasingly sensitive about security and demanding more. Pleading ignorance of undetected malware on your website, that can infect their systems and hijack their data, is no longer [...]