Test Your System’s Malware Detection Capabilities

website malware removal service

By hiding malware inside compressed files, attackers can get past anti-virus and other protection steps. Many network protection solutions are often tricked because they are unable to analyze a compressed file in any format other than ZIP.

Are you protected? Find out right now! 

This simple, safe test checks to see if your network security will catch malware hiding in a compressed file. Here is how:

  • Analyzes how well your current security detects an EICAR[1] test sample virus pattern, stand-alone and compressed in different formats
  • Tests the malware detection capabilities of your gateway (NGFW, UTM, & Web Security) and other antivirus clients
  • Captures periodic website screenshots and places them and an EICAR virus sample file into a compressed file using different compression formats
  • Provides a continuously changing hash for your test files


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Test Your System’s Malware Detection Capabilities