Top WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social Media

Social networking is an important aspect of the plan for marketing. WordPress has a lot of social networking plugins for WordPress that help you add icons for networking to your website and allow sharing on all social media networks. But there are so many, that it becomes a very daunting task to pick the right one!

We have shortlisted some of the common social media plugins that are easy to use and also provide the best functionality to make life simpler for you.

Easy Social Share

Quick Social Share is a really strong social network plugin for WordPress with lots of functionality and satisfied clients. To be exact, half a million satisfied users, because that’s the number of websites that use this plugin for their social media needs! You will be able to connect more than 50 social media networks to the Simple Social Exchange plugin. The button design for WordPress is fine on its own, but they allow you to do that if you want to customise the buttons. It’s a perfect way to gently bring colours into the brand.

Quick Social Sharing also has a ‘Post Sharing’ option if you want to maximise the number of your followers. After somebody posts the content, based on what you choose to do, increase the amount of fans, populate subscribers to the mailing list or increase participation, you can show users options to subscribe or take a look at another article!

Besides that, it comes with functions such as social sharing counter, recovery of sharing counter, shareable quotations, and many, many more! For too many features to check out, determining how to incorporate them and where to use them if you’re new to WordPress becomes very daunting.

It is always useful to check them out on a staging website in such situations before rendering them online. Without the chance of the WordPress website crashing, you can mess around as much as you want.

Social Warfare

They have one of the most elegant and aesthetically appealing looking keys, even though their name suggests war. You have the option to configure it to your taste, but odds are you would use the regular buttons for sharing social media as is. For first-time users, Simple Social Share can be a little difficult to set up, but the Social Warfare plugin comes with a “out of the box” configuration that can be applied by someone with little to no knowledge of WordPress.

You will exchange Twitter cards, shareable quotations, social counts for views and shares for Social Warfare. You may also set a minimum count such that only after that criterion is met can social interaction numbers be shown. As consumers would not be driven away from having a limited amount of shares, it’s a perfect psychological weapon. On the basis of the number of social shares, you can also add your common messages!

Social Warfare has been designed for speed and would not impact the efficiency of your web. He will do that easily when a person needs to post, and come back almost immediately for more. Social Warfare is light-weight and quick. They are easy to load and don’t bog down the pace of your website.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Networking Icons is definitely a very long term, but to improve the social media game, they also have a long list of features. First off, this is one of the simplest plugins to use for WordPress and it will become your plugin of choice easily.

Over 200 social media sites are supported by Social Media Share Buttons & Social Messaging Icons and the list is rising. You may even ask them to add it if you do not find the one you are searching for.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Networking Icons allow you to selectively place your social media buttons on sites. This plugin will take care of this if you don’t want the buttons to pop up on the homepage but want them on the about tab. With this plugin, floating bar and sticky social sharing buttons are also some of the options.

Their themed patterns for buttons are a feature we like the most. You should have social media buttons in the form of computers if you have a website or blog about computers! And how cool is it? Apart from that, several other features are the ability to pick which picture should go with your tweets, URL shortener, mobile optimization.

Thanks to your actions and social networking plugins, with all those new people accessing your WordPress pages, hackers may even take a note of it if they haven’t already. Every day, about 37,000 websites are targeted. A protection plugin like Fixhackedwebsite is a must in order to save your website from being hacked. Fixhackedwebsite is the only one-click malware uninstall plugin that cleans the web in just 60 seconds!

Revive Social

As the name shows, in order to create traffic for them, Revive Old Post shares the old posts with the network. Are you concerned that to include hashtags, you would have to review the old tweets, or include photos specific to the post? It sounds like a lot of additional effort. Here, Revive Old Post comes in handy because it detects the hashtags and photos smartly and immediately adds them. Set back and forget!

When you want to improve your professional network, Revive Network is a fantastic tool. What Revive Network does, in plain terms, is find content that is close to yours and share it with your network. Not only does this take users to more appropriate content, but it also uses the integration of Google Analytics to identify where the elevated traffic is being diverted to your network.

You generate more value for your blog or platform, your customers and even other professionals with Revive Network. With your tone of voice, you can build models such that the automatic posts imitate your actual posts. This brings to all of your posts a splash of personal touch and a pinch of credibility. It’s a perfect tool for developing social relationships with fellow experts.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a plugin for social media feeds on WordPress. This makes tidy, beautiful and fully personalised Instagram feeds to be linked to the website. By design, the WordPress theme adapts to your type of website, but you can customise it any way you want. It takes away the hassle of uploading your material to your website twice, once on Instagram and once. You just need to post it on Instagram with Instagram Feed, and it will show it on your website automatically on Instagram Feed.

It’s pretty quick to set up an Instagram feed. It’s too quick to start showing pictures in 30 seconds flat! If you face any challenges at all, they have one of the best resources for customer care and always have your back. Instagram Feed is mobile-ready, meaning your users can see your content on every device in a crisp and transparent way.

Also, Instagram Feed helps you to share hashtag-based posts. As they are an official Instagram affiliate, they are compliant with the Instagram API. Depending on the hashtags used or captions, you can also highlight photos and videos.

While it looks like making a small adjustment to your website to add these social media plugins for websites, they have the potential to create major problems! But you need to back up your data, test the plugin on a staging site and then then instal it on your live site before you instal any plugin. This will mean you still have your live website up and running!