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Zenmap - website security testing tools online

How to Check Website Vulnerability in Kali Linux

Kali Vulnerability Scanning

Securing a website is not an easy task, but it is essential to protect your site and eradicate all the potential threats to give your users a safe and smooth journey on your site. This post will discuss how you can check your website vulnerability in Kali Linux. It will help you identify any loopholes and protect your site from the bad guys.

There are many ways to find out all possible threats to your website. We have listed most of them below. This is a list of all the possible threats to your website.

Use ZapProxy in Kali Linux – How to Use OWASP ZAP

ZAP-OWASP Zed attack Proxy Kali Linux is a Java interface that integrates penetration testing tools to help you find vulnerabilities in your web applications. Follow the below steps to find out how.

Step 1Click on Applications to open ZapProxy. Next, select owaspzap

Step 2ZAP will start to load after you click on the “Accept” button.

Step 3There are three choices, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Step 4Click on the “Start” button, enter the URL or webpage in “URL to Attack”, and click on “Attack.”

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to find all crawled sites on the left panel. The ‘Alerts” option on the left panel will display all findings and descriptions.

Step 5Click on the “Spider” button at the end to find all scanned links.

By Using Vega – How to use Vega in Kali Linux

Vega is an open-source scanner that allows you to easily test the security of your web apps. It can detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), reveal subtle data, SQL injections, and many other vulnerabilities.

Vega scanner kali Linux has an automated scanner that can perform immediate testing. It also features an intercepting proxy feature which allows for detailed inspection. It runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X and is written in Java. The following steps will help you get started with testing.

Step 1Click on Applications, then click on Web Application Analysis.

Step 2After the application has opened, click on the ‘+’ sign to start your scan

Step 3Enter the URL of the webpage you wish to scan. It will act as a Metasploitable Machine. Click ‘Next’.

Step 4Next, check all boxes according to your needs and click the ‘Next button

Step 5You will then see a window where you need to click the ‘Next button’ and then click finish’.

Step 6Click ‘Yes’ if a popup appears in the middle.

All findings from the Vega Scanner scan Kali Linux will be displayed on the screen following the severity. Click on the panel to see the details, including Impact, Request, Remediation, and Discussion.

Rooms can – Joomla Scan Kali Linux

Joomla, a Control Management System that is widely used around the world, is well-known for its flexibility. Joomla scanner is the best tool to find all vulnerabilities in this CMS. Web developers and webmasters use this method to find potential threats on Joomla sites.

Step 1 Click the left panel at the terminal to open the scanner and then type ‘rooms can-parameter.’

Step 2You can get help with the usage type “rooms can/”

Step 3Start the scan by entering ‘rooms can – u URL victim’.

Once the scan is completed, you can see the results and take the necessary action against the potential threats to secure your site.

w3af Usage

Web Application Attack and Audit Framework is also known as w3af. This framework will not only help you identify all potential risks but will also assist you in exploiting them. This framework is also known as the “Metasploit for the Web” and uses black-box scanning techniques to identify all vulnerabilities. You can scan your website by following these steps:

Step 1Click on Applications and select Web Application Analysis.

Step 2Click on the target to enter the URL

Step 3Select your profile now and click the “Start” button

Step 4That’s all! All the results can be viewed in ‘Results.

Wrapping up

Now that you know everything about how Kali Linux can check your website vulnerability, it is time to eliminate all potential risks from your site. Swatch can take care of security for your website if you’re too busy or unable to follow the steps.