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Server oriented Web Hosting Protection Service Pricing

With our server-based pricing model, all of your customers can be provided with secure website hosting without thinking about the number of websites that are hosted. This greatly lowers the security costs per website and also provides you with a higher degree of security, as our service model offers monitoring not only of web applications but also of servers on which they are hosted.

Web Hosting Protection User Satisfaction Leads

Web hosting is a serious company, requiring full-time dedication to continuing and sustaining company. Of various reasons, websites are targets for attackers like information leakage, strategic reasons and damaging brand picture. To generate leads, convert and retain your clients, you must show that you carefully think about the protection of your customers’ websites and demonstrate a high degree of trust when it comes to safety. In short, they ‘re doing business.

Fixhackedwebsite will support you on this mission by providing a high level of protection with reports and incident escalations that will enable you to demonstrate your security vision to your clients.

Fixhackedwebsite can help you keep your sites 24x7x365 up and running, without any disruption caused by security weaknesses resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Web applications and protecting the environment

Many market solutions include protection per website or managed Web Application Firewall for web application. But we believe the security of any web application is not complete if the environment that is hosting the application is not secure. For this purpose we have built a unique solution that includes web application firewall and host security monitoring, bundled to improve the security posture of the application.

Managed Web Hosting Security Trust and Reliability

Fixhackedwebsite is a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions with years of field expertise and known to have the mission of making the internet a safer place for all. This includes individuals , organisations, businesses and even governments.

There are more than 85 million people, 600,000 companies and 8,000 global partners and affiliates in more than 100 countries that trustfully depend on Fixhackedwebsite for security solutions.

As part of Fixhackedwebsite SOC, the Fixhackedwebsite team is comprised of highly experienced, qualified and motivated professionals who are completely committed to Fixhackedwebsite mission.