Website Checker Tool

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A comprehensive website checker tool will help you evaluate two of your website’s critical health aspects:

  • Achievement
  • Security

Having visibility in these two features of the website will allow you to take a proactive versus reactive security stance.

But simply having visibility in the security posture of a website and its efficiency is not enough to keep a secure and healthy website. Because what good is it just knowing that your website has something wrong and not knowing what to do to fix it?

It is imperative that you use a website checker tool that will also include tips on how to improve protection so that you can take action against any risks and vulnerabilities and ensure that your website remains clean and online.

Website App Checker?

By analyzing your website’s source code, a full website checker will indicate the level of threat (high, moderate, low).

Getting detailed security status reports and action items to address these risk issues would allow you to take preventive action, such as improving your source code against bad actors.

Now you might think that when you build your website your web developers did a great job and so why would you need to use a website checker, right?

Cyber criminals are unfortunately continually evolving their hacking techniques to crack any newly developed source codes. In many cases they embed hidden code within your website, unknown to you. And, to stay ahead of these bad actors, introducing a website checker to constantly check for any attacks on your website would keep you updated on the safety of your website.

How does it work with Website Checker Tool?

Whatever the technological complexities behind verifying a website, the website checker process should be as easy as:

1. Copy / click the URL of your Website
2. Click on “Scan” button
3. See Results

Receiving the results may take as little as a few minutes, depending on the complexity of your website.

Many website checker tools are available, and the results / reports they produce differ according to each one. The better website checkers are those that provide a comprehensive report to strengthen the security posture along with recommendations and action items.

Then Test Security at Fixhackedwebsite?

Fixhackedwebsite has for years been building trust online. The fulfillment of their company mission to fully protect the online community continues. First as a staple in the SSL certificate industry and now through their Fixhackedwebsite solution providing security for the website.

Fixhackedwebsite offers the Site Score Scanner ( website checker tool.

Not only is this method as simple as the above 3 steps but it also provides a detailed summary of the results of the scan within minutes (depending on the website’s complexity).

This is a comprehensive website inspection tool , providing insight into six categories:

  • Credibility: Shows the reputation of the website based on factors such as whether or not the website has an SSL certificate, whether or not the website has been blacklisted etc.
  • CMS: reveals any vulnerabilities related to CMS
  • MALWARE: States where any malware has been found have compromised the website
  • WEB APPLICATION RISKS: shows the different risks your website could face
  • CONTENT SECURITY: reveals suspicious content, such as iframs and links
  • HTTP SECURITY RISKS: shows any potentially emerging HTTP-related issue.