Website Issues Checker

Website Issues Checker
Website Issues Checker

How to find broken links and threats

Sometimes problems with your website may go unnoticed. Broken links, vulnerabilities to websites, and malware infections are all possible. You cannot remove a website problem checkerThey can cause further problems for your website if they are not fixed.

Broken Links: The Effects

  1. Poor Search Engine
  2. Site traffic is lower
  3. Poor Customer Experience

Website vulnerability risks

Data breaches. * Statistics show that 31% of customers will not trust a company after experiencing fraud.

Cyber Attacks.
After a cyberattack, 60% of small businesses were forced to close down. Malware Infections.

Malware Infections: The Risks

  • Lost Revenue.
  • Bad Website Reputation.
  • Blacklisting

What can a website problem checker do?

1. Check for broken links and fix them

Website error scanners can be used to scan your website for broken hyperlinks. You may not be aware of broken links on your website. These can affect your SEO and lead to a poor customer experience. Customers’ online activities are interrupted, which can cause problems for their website. This can be annoying especially if customers are in the middle or final stages of purchase or registration.

An online website problem checker scans your website and finds broken links. It also repairs them. It will scan for pages that are not being used. These pages can be taken down to free up web server space.

2. Patches System Vulnerabilities

Website analyzers also detect and patch vulnerabilities in websites and web servers. You can protect your website from cyber threats by patching any entry points. Website problem checker prevents cyber attacks like DDoS attacks and Brute Force attacks. Cross-Site ScriptingAndSQL InjectionThis prevents data breaches.

website problem checkerIt can help you avoid a lot of problems caused by cyberattacks. It improves your website security by scanning your website and web server for weaknesses.

3. Malware Infection Prevention

By keeping your website clean of malware, you can avoid your website being blacklisted. Hidden malware can slow down your website. It can also redirect users towards unwelcome pages. Through your website, malware can be installed on computers.

a website problem checker can detect hidden threats to your website. It can quickly remove malware and viruses using malware removal tools. This will instantly restore your website to its original state.

What does the Comodo cWatch website checker offer?

Comodo cWatch, a trusted website analysis tool that can help protect your website against cyber-attacks, is available.

4. Advanced Malware Detection

Comodo cWatch detects hidden malware and viruses on websites, as well as phishing URLs that redirect users to dangerous pages. It can also detect malicious codes, malvertising, and infected popups. Comodo’s cWatch website scanner is equipped with powerful malware removal tools that can quickly remove any threats to your website, thus making it completely malware-free.

5. Website Monitoring

Comodo cWatch monitors your website to prevent malware attacks. It can filter data transmission and detect unusual activities on your site. Comodo cWatch will analyze and review the details of each activity to protect against potential attacks.

6. Web Application Firewall

Comodo cWatch problems checker, equipped with a web app firewall, prevents DDoS attacks and SQL Injections. Brute Force attacks are also prevented. To prevent unwelcome traffic, the web application firewall continuously monitors your data. Comodo cWatch uses your data to enhance your website security. It analyzes the data to determine what your website and web server need to protect against malware infections.

7. Virtual Patching

Website vulnerabilities are a common reason for data breaches. They provide an opportunity for cyber threats. Comodo cWatch will immediately identify and fix any unknown system vulnerabilities.

The Comodo website checker, Comodo CWatch, scans your web server and website for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Virtual patching takes care of vulnerabilities. You won’t need to worry about potential threats breaking through. Your web server contains no critical information.

8. Website Acceleration

Comodo cWatch website problems checker helps you improve your SEO by optimizing your website. Using CDN servers, your content will reach your audience fast. It’s easy to boost your search engine ranking, so you can concentrate on growing your business.


You should immediately fix any hidden problems that may be affecting your website after you have learned about them. Trusted experts website problem checker to repair your website, use the website analyzer