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Check Website for Malware Cybercrime is increasing every day and malware is the most popular weapon. Malware refers to malicious software that causes harm to websites or computers. Malware is used by hackers to steal customer data and control websites.

Most victims don’t notice an attack until it is too late. Website owners must be aware of how to fight malware. Every day new malware cases are discovered. The basic thing you need to do is increase the security of your website.

Make sure to regularly scan your website for malware and malicious content. To protect your website from malware, learn how to identify the warning signs and use trusted website scanners. This guide will show you how to scan websites for malware.

Find common signs of malware on your website

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot malware on a website. Some owners believe that visual changes are the best way to identify malware. You need to be sharp to recognize malware by other signals.

Make sure your login information has not been changed. Also, make sure that the site’s files aren’t altered. Malware may cause a sudden drop in traffic or site crashes more often. Malware is difficult to spot and can be dangerous. It is important to quickly identify any errors.

Run a URL scan

A URL scanner is an excellent tool to help you determine if your website contains malware or other harmful content. Numerous websites offer URL scanners for free. Popular websites like VirusTotal offer free URL scans.

These websites also provide domain and URL blacklists. Check if your URL was recently blacklisted for malware or other suspicious content. You will need to find the root cause of your website being on a blacklist. URL scanners will help you identify malware and keep your website secure from cyber threats.

Examine the source code and files for any malware

You will need to check two attributes if you want to find malware in a website’s source codes. These are the iframe attributes and script attributes. You should also check file names and URLs that are unfamiliar. This is a sign that malware and cyber threats are active.

It is possible to also find malware in files on a website. Use the file manager to search for suspicious files and malware. You can find common signs on WordPress and CMS websites.

Use Automatic Website Malware Scanners

Cybercriminals are increasing in number and they aren’t slowing down. To protect your website from hackers, you will need to have high-level security. Online scanners are great because they can detect malware on your site in a short time.

The malware will be detected and you can take necessary actions to get rid of it. A scanner can also be used to detect and remove malware. An online scanner that can detect and protect against malware will be the best. These are some of the most popular online scanners:


SUCURI, a well-known security provider, provides scans for many website platforms including WordPress and Magento. SECURE can also detect malware and warn you about spam.

Astra Security

It offers both free and paid malware scanning. The free version scans your website for malware, malicious content, and blacklistings. You can also check for security audits or SEO spam.

The paid version offers even greater protection and access to your website’s internal files.


VirusTotal, another online scanner that scans websites to detect malware, is also available. The tests are based on more than 60 trusted threat databases. It will instantly scan suspicious content and send it to you. VirusTotal is also capable of scanning local files, which is a wonderful feature.


SiteLock malware scanners can be used on any CMS website, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and others. SiteLock can perform a basic scan and will detect more than 10,000,000 cyber threats. SiteLock can help you fix certain issues and notify you immediately if something is wrong.


ReScan is an excellent tool to scan static and dynamic websites. It scans websites for hidden redirections and risky ads. ReScan can also check your URL for blacklists.

Uses of the  Website Scanning

  • Improve website speed
  • Instant Updates and Alerts will be sent to your site.
  • cWatch offers 24/7 protection for your website.
  • To increase site traffic, improve Search Engine Optimization
  • cWatch offers a security badge for the website that helps gain confidence.

Website Malware Scanner Benefits

Cybercrime is evolving every single day, and it is vital to keep your website’s security up to date. It doesn’t matter if you use an online scanner to identify malware, it is important that you know the current status of any malware and takes steps to remove it.

Your website will be safer and more secure if you can quickly scan for malware and combat it.