Website Malware Cleanup

website malware cleanup

Don’t let your website get blacklisted

What is malware and how did it get on my site?

Malware refers to software/scripts that are hostile, intrusive or annoying, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malicious software. They can be placed on your site in various ways and means. Accessing your site by means of loopholes in your security and injecting malicious software into your server or website is easier for an intruder.

What does malware do?

There are many distinct behaviors a malware can perform. In some cases, it can infect visitors to your website with a virus or extra malware on their system or simply redirect users away from your website. It is dangerous in whatever action it performs and you must take steps to remove it immediately from your site/server.

Do you have malware on your website that needs removed?

If you do so, we can help you with our years of web security expertise in this respect. We can remove all sorts of injections of malware, viruses, or code from your website, including backdoors, too. In short, in no time, we can get your web site up and running.

Our USP is that, at such times, we focus on providing website malware removal, security and monitoring services alone. In addition to being a dependable source, our service is trustworthy and hassle-free. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than being hacked and hi-jacked on your site, which will cost you time, money and customers. So, why not spend time and money on those who can get it right the first time they go?

Blacklisted by Google?

There’s nothing more frustrating than Google being blacklisted. By restoring your website back to normal and also getting it re-indexed, this is where we can help you. To get your status updated in real time, we can get in touch directly with Google. Our friendly and experienced staff are here to assist you. So, do not let this kind of hitch tarnish your reputation. Clear your name with our help IMMEDIATELY.

Why Hire us?

We concentrate on one thing and with alacrity and precision we perform it. Most importantly, to provide you with quicker outcomes, we follow a time-bound procedure. Instead of notifying you after you have been infected, we follow the policy of taking “pro-active” measures. We take preventive measures for this purpose, such as the installation of appropriate security controls. Our team of professionals from Cyber Security specializes in website security. To get your site up and running in no time, we use our own proprietary instruments that are the result of our years of experience in this field.