Website Security Tester


Website Checker Tool

A comprehensive website checker tool can help you analyze two critical aspects of your website’s health:

  • Performance
  • Website Security

These two characteristics can be viewed to help you take a proactive or reactive security position.

It is not enough just to have visibility into a website’s security and performance. It is not enough to know that something is wrong with your website, but it is important to be able to fix it.

It is important to use a website security checker that provides tips and tricks on how to make your website more secure. This will allow you to protect your website from any potential vulnerabilities and risk issues.

Website Security Checker

Analyzing the source code of your website will give you a complete picture. A website safety checker will indicate the threat level (high, medium, or low).

You can prevent bad actors by having detailed information about security and actions to remedy such risks.

You might think that your web developers did an excellent job building your website. So why should you use a? secure website checkerRight?

Cybercriminals continue to improve their hacking methods to crack new source codes. Many times, hidden code is embedded within websites. Implementing a firewall is a great way to keep your website safe from these evil actors. Website security checker you can keep your site healthy by checking on potential attacks.

Make sure your website is secure and malware-free for your visitors

  • Unlimitless Malware Removal
  • Stop Future Website Hacks
  • Sign up for Website Security Alerts
  • Speed up your website
  • Experts available 24/7


How does the Website Checker Tool work?

The process of using a website is simple, regardless of technical complexities. Website security checkerIt should be as easy as:

  • Copy and paste your website URL
  • Click on the “Scan” button
  • Check the Result

The time it takes to receive the results depends on how complex your website is.

Many website checker tools are depending on the individual, the available results and reports they provide may vary. The more, the better website analyzerThis report includes recommendations and actions to improve your security.

Why Comodo’s Website Security Test?

Comodo has been building trust online for many years. It has continued to pursue its mission of protecting all online communities. It was first a standard in the SSL certificate industry, and now it is a provider of SSL certificates. Website security checks through their cWatch Web service.

Comodo cWatch offers a free website security checker tool called, the cWatch Site Score Scanner (

This tool is as simple as the 3 steps listed above, but it provides a detailed report of scan findings within minutes depending on the website’s complexity.

This is a complete checker provides insights into six categories

  • reputation website’s reputation is determined by factors such as whether it has an SSL certificate, whether it has been blacklisted, etc.
  • CMS: Displays any CMS-related vulnerabilities
  • MALWAREStates, if any malware has been found, should be notified.
  • WEB APPLICATIONS RISKSDisplays the potential risks that your website could be exposed to
  • CONTENT SECURITYDisplays suspicious content such as iframes or links
  • HTTP SECURITY RISKSDisplays any HTTP-related issue that might exist