Website Security

Website Security


Both websites are prone to attack anywhere anywhere. This is true because when they intend to launch an attack, cyber criminals do not have a specific website at their disposal. They ‘re using algorithms to automatically detect insecure websites. These vulnerabilities are used to launch an attack on that particular web site as entry points. Vulnerabilities on your website may be harmful, because you may not even know about them. Your host will be able to inform you when there is malware on your website, but if you have bugs they may not tell you.

Website security is gaining in importance with the development of more sophisticated cyber threats, as website owners are now keen to protect their website and visitors from dangerous cyber threats. Cybercrime, as we all know, is indeed a huge business and cybercriminals are always searching for vulnerabilities on your website. Most cyber-attacks are triggered by malware which can:

— Steal data or traffic-crash or slow down your website-remove your website from the results of the search engine-Steal sensitive customer data, such as phone numbers or credit / debit card information

Security of the website is therefore important to protect your company, brand and reputation, and also to prevent financial loss and shutdown of your website. You will be able to safeguard your image and retain clients and/or guests. You’ll find malware and cyberattacks hard to identify. Cyber criminals are skilled in malware that can secretly penetrate a website and hide so that the website is not compromised and you may not even know it. The explanation for such malware attacks includes both cryptojacking, which mines cryptocurrency websites without showing any signs, and backdoors, a type of malware that enables cybercriminals to access a website without the knowledge of the owner.

What do I need to make my Website secure?

To secure your Website, you will need the following security measures:

SSL Certificate

First you will need an SSL certificate that protects the data your website gathers as it is moved from your website to a server. This may be a very basic measure of website security, but it is extremely important since popular search engines and browsers currently mark websites without SSL as “insecure” This will certainly make your website suspicious to tourists.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

One main factor for web protection is a WAF, because it can avoid automated attacks that typically threaten websites that are lesser known. These attacks are conducted by bad bots that are able to automatically check for vulnerabilities that they can exploit or trigger DDoS attacks that crash or slow down your website.

Software Updates

Security problems and bugs that are often found in third-party plugins and software make websites that are hosted on a content management system ( CMS) more at risk of compromise. These situations can be avoided by timely deployment of updates to plugins and core applications, as such updates also contain security patches.

Website Scanner

If you discover a cyber-attack carried out on your website very late, then the cost of recovering from this attack will only increase. You’ll need a decent website scanner capable of detecting bugs, malware, and many other security issues to avoid such a scenario. A website scanner not only eliminates known malware but also searches for threats on a daily basis and warns you immediately if anything is found, thus reducing the amount of harm it can do to your website.

Given these separate elements that will help you get the best web security you can, there’s also a fast , easy and complete package of software that will help you get all the protection you need for your website. Fixhackedwebsite is one of those web protection tools available with automated solutions including an powerful WAF, website scanner and other other security benefits that protect the website and the data stored therein from hackers and many other threats.

How can Fixhackedwebsite have full Web Security for you?

Fixhackedwebsite is a controlled security service, suitable for websites and web applications. It is the strongest web security stack capable of providing the most comprehensive managed security service for the management and monitoring of threats to clients. This tool can be applied to cloud, on-site, or hybrid environments.

Fixhackedwebsite provides the following security features for the Website:

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

This Fixhackedwebsite WAF is an efficient, real-time edge defense for websites and web applications because it offers advanced security, filtering and protection against intrusion

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Advanced information capable of influencing current events and data from 85M+ endpoints and 100M+ domains

PCI Scanning

This screening procedure enables service providers and retailers to remain PCI DSS compliant

Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Fixhackedwebsite CDN is a global distributed server system capable of improving website and web application performance

Malware Monitoring and Remediation

Fixhackedwebsite detects malware effectively, offers disposable methods and tools, and prevents future malware attacks

Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

This center has a team of permanently trained cybersecurity professionals who provide 24-hour monitoring and remediation services

As a result, Fixhackedwebsite will have the best security benefits for your website that will safeguard your business and all private data related to your company and customers against any form of web-based attack. Download Fixhackedwebsite to run your company in a stress-free way by maintaining the confidence, brand credibility and overall confidentiality of all data stored in your website from your customers.