Website was Hacked

SQL Injection Remediation
SQL Injection Remediation


Any website administrator who has a website to promote his online business would feel the need to ask this question: “Is my site hacked?” “.

Hacking has become a routine activity in today’s world. Hacking can happen at any time. The question, “ Has my website been hacked?” becomes more relevant. This question would prompt you to scan your website frequently, to ensure that it is secure and free from malware. This question would prompt you to take the necessary steps to avoid hacking…

Your website can be hacked even if you have taken all precautions. So how do you know if your

Proactive Methods to Detect a Hacker Before Google or Your Customers


Your browser will alert you if your website or any other website you visit is compromised. Trust your browser.


Hosting providers would likely get reports from website visitors or alerts from their security tools. If the website is hacked, they would block it immediately. They will also notify you once they have taken the necessary action.


is intended to prevent hackers.

Comodo Web Inspector does website scanning using advanced, cloud-based malware scanning technology. It can detect vulnerabilities and security holes in websites and look for malicious code. It monitors websites for blacklisting and warns users if a website is blacklisted. It offers features such as Daily Malware Scanning and Blacklist Monitoring, PCI Compliance Scanning, and Trust Seal & Support. These help to answer the ” Is your website hacked?” type of questions.

Comodo cWatch has a Cyber Security Centre which works 24×7 and monitors websites, provides website malware removal help, and deals with security incidents. Comodo cWatch can be used to scan websites for malware and to protect against all types of attacks. This includes SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks, and SQL Injection. A team of experts is available to offer professional assistance.

Comodo watch makes it easy to combat website malware. Check website security, scan for malware and vulnerabilities and fix issues.

Stay alert, do regular website scanning and whenever there’s an issue, take timely action. Protect your business! Protect your business!