What is a DDoS Attack?

DDOS Attack


A distributed Denial-of – Service attack is a type of cyber-attack in which the attacker uses multiple compromised computers to target a website, server or other network resources through a flood of requests for messages or requests for connections or malformed packets. The ultimate goal is to deny genuine users or systems the service / use.

If you think you ‘re the only victim of DDoS attacks, you should cheer up as this is a widespread Internet epidemic. Incidents of DDoS attacks have risen to 129 per cent since 2015. That is an incredible percentage of the victims. You will learn the facts about DDoS attacks in this article which will be helpful when choosing your DDoS prevention tool.

Definition of DDoS Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS ) attack is often mistaken as a hack of the website (such as stealing access to your website logins and unauthorized website manipulation). What it’s meant to do is interrupt your online visibility and internet accessibility.

In technical terms, a DDoS attack is a cyber threat used by hackers to overload a huge amount of traffic on the IP address. This traffic may come from unusual places that don’t frequently access your website. For instance, your website is catering for American-based consumers, but suddenly you get traffic from the various parts of the world. Clearly this is a surprising traffic which can alert you of a DDoS attack. This makes it much more difficult to intercept a DDoS attack than one which originates from a single IP address.

What are consequences of DDoS Attack?

Apart from severing your legitimate website users’ links to your website, DDoS attacks can cause significant harm to your online business in several ways. Here are some samples of the DDoS attack’s harmful effects:

  • DDoS attacks can seriously affect eCommerce, leading to substantial loss of revenue
  • DDoS attacks will blow up your IT costs through network overages, or processing capacity, from ISPs and IaaS providers.
  • DDoS Attacks can harm your online reputation for critical services in the short to long term (such as financial services, confidential customer information and so on).
  • DDoS Attacks act as a “smokescreen” to focus on your IT staff whilst hackers steal data from your website systems.

Fixhackedwebsite as tool for DDos prevention

DDoS prevention is possible through manual security planning but if you have your own DDoS prevention tool, it will be a hundred times easier. As DDoS attacks can occur even while you’re sleeping.

Fixhackedwebsite offers enterprise the most efficient features. A Web Application Firewall ( WAF) supplied over a Secure Content Delivery Network ( CDN) is the web security service tool that combines. It is a fully capable website security checking tool from certified security analysts’ Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) staffed around the clock and powered by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that leverages data from more than 85 million endpoints to detect and mitigate threats before they happen.


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