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Malicious attacks are a constant threat to WordPress websites. They are at risk of being infected by malware or other destructive scripts designed to steal or destroy data. You also have the risk of attacks that slow down the website’s performance, such as DDOS attacks.

Although WordPress offers some security, it isn’t enough in an ever-evolving world. There are some things you can do to ensure your website is secure and protect your users’ privacy and data. Here are some of the best tips to protect your website from hackers.

These simple tips can help you increase the security of your WordPress website

Get a reliable WordPress scanner

Before you worry about external threats, make sure your website isn’t infected by malware or other malicious scripts. This is because this type of software can still present security loopholes that can be exploited and so identifying them and then getting rid of them should always be the first step when it comes to enhancing your website’s security.

good WordPress scanner will be able to scan your website and find any malicious code. The scanner should be equipped with all the necessary tools to eradicate or at the very least quarantine the malicious software. This scanner can help you identify vulnerabilities in your WordPress website and can give you an idea of where to start in terms of increasing your WordPress website’s security.

All plugins should be updated

Plugins are a common target for hackers when it comes to WordPress. They are vulnerable to security flaws that hackers will exploit. The good news? Plugin developers are diligent about updating their plugins to address any security vulnerabilities they find. Your website is at risk if you fail to upgrade your WordPress plugins.

Simply updating your website can make your website more secure from attacks. You can automate this process with WordPress’ current version. You can simply go to plugin settings to enable automatic updates. This will ensure that security holes are closed as soon as possible after the developers of the plugins you use to discover them.

Cloud-based security provided by CDNs is available

The primary reason WordPress website owners use Content Delivery Networks to improve their websites’ performance is simple. These networks offer many other benefits. They tend to use advanced privacy and security systems that can withstand even the most sophisticated attacks. These companies invest a lot of capital to ensure they have the most advanced security technologies. Using any one of these systems will give your website the benefit of installing a world-class security system. Using a CDN to protect your website from attacks such as DDOS attacks is a great way to do so. This will ensure better security for your users as well as better performance of your website.

Two-factor authentication

Hackers can sometimes gain access to websites simply by changing their log-in details. This is known as a brute force attack and has been proven very effective over time. This type of attack can be avoided by using more complicated passwords. However, these are often difficult to remember. Even the most difficult passwords can be broken with advanced hacking software.

Two-factor authentication is the best way to prevent brute-force attacks. Because even if hackers can guess your log-in details they still need access to your phone to access your website. This is difficult to do, and it is often enough to deter even the most determined hackers.

Many services can provide two-factor authentication. You can even download plug-ins for free that will allow you to add an extra layer of security to your website. Any of these plug-ins will help to prevent the many problems and losses that can be caused by hacking attacks or malware infections.