Worried about WPServeur Suspending your Website?

Suspended Account
Suspended Account

When your web host, WPServeur, suspends your website and the fruits of your labours are unable to be discovered online, it’s simple to become panicked. Accounts are suspended for a variety of reasons. The following are the most prevalent grounds for an account suspension:

  • Overdue payments
  • Overuse of the server
  • Abuse of the Terms of Use

In such cases, it is in your best interests to speak with your web host directly and as soon as possible. You can ask them to email you the information of what needs to be done to get your site back up and running. If you had a late payment instalment due, your website will be restored once you make the payment.

If your website is consuming too many server resources, you will be asked to fix the problem. You can’t always regulate the load because you’re getting massive volumes of traffic from all across the internet. In the latter situation, you’ll simply have to put up with the suspension and go to a managed web server.

The following are examples of terms of service violations:

  • An injected script that runs ads on your website
  • An injected script that allows hackers access to your website backend
  • An injected script that is used to maliciously attack the server
  • An injected script that is used for spamming other addresses
  • Any combination of the above.

In certain cases, WPServeur suspends your website while it is investigated. When the investigation is over, your site could be:

  • Re-enabled
  • Terminated permanently

You must get your account re-enabled if you do not want your account to be permanently deleted and your website to be restored.

This is what WPServeur says about what constitutes abuse in their Terms and Conditions.


2 possibilities: what are the responsibilities of each party?

1- The site contains malicious files dating from before the migration on WPServer:

==> The responsibility of piracy remains the responsibility of the customer

2- You site is hosted at WPServeur, the site is hacked:

==> You inform us by support ticket of this hacking

==> Checks are put in place by our team:

* WordPress version

* Extensions / plugins

* Themes

3- Solutions:

a / Your version of WordPress, the extensions / plugins, the themes are up to date and the WPServer security mu-plugins are active: We investigate the why of hacking and we proceed to the free repair and cleaning of your site.

b / Your version of WordPress, extensions / plugins, themes are not up to date and / or WPServeur Mu-plugins were not active: You are responsible for hacking, we will suspend your WordPress and we will ask you to clean your website, update your WordPress in its entirety.

c / You have asked us to make changes to allow the use of extension (s): You are responsible for piracy, we will ask you to clean your site, update your WordPress in its entirety, the requested modification will be removed.

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