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The 4 aspects of your Site Reviewed by a Reputable Website Checker

Website checkers perform an analysis of your website to determine if it is ready for online success. You will then receive improvement tips from the website inspector, but only if they are reputable. These are some of the things that website-checker reviews say:

  • Site presentation
  • Website security
  • Website speed
  • Search engines make it easy to access information

Website checker visits your site as if it were an internet search engine or visitor. The website checker analyses your source code but does not use any customer data.

A reputable website inspector checks your website presentation

Although it may not seem crucial, your website’s design is vital. The reason is that users will be more likely to visit your website if it is user-friendly. Mobile-friendly sites will attract more people as they are most likely to use their smartphones.

Visitors will leave your site if they are unable to find vital information, such as contact information, when they visit it. Your website must be attractive and well-designed. Visitors are more likely to be distracted by clutter than illegible fonts. Your website should be clear and easy to navigate.

A trusted website checker checks your security

Website checkers will assess how secure your site is for visitors. Websites should be safe so they can gain the trust of potential customers. Nobody will visit a website that is known to harbor malware and bugs. You must put in security measures to detect viruses and malware. Secure your site by:

  • SSL encryption
  • Server version visibility
  • Status of Apache
  • Cookie protection

A trusted website tester will measure your website’s speed

Visitors hate slow-loading websites. Slow websites can hinder sales and cause problems. Slow websites can also indicate that your customers are not being reached by the information. A website checker will perform an analysis of your website and provide you with detailed information about its performance. The website checker will also list any improvements that you can make to speed up your website.

A trusted website checker checks your search engine visibility

Website checkers will assess how visible your website is. In the past few years, search engines have seen an increase in popularity. When people search for the relevant keywords, they must see your website in search results. Your website must be visible on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bings when someone searches for relevant phrases.

According to studies, most people will click on pages that rank high in search engines. A website checker can help you assess your website’s SEO performance and provide suggestions on ways to improve your website’s online visibility.

This could indicate improvement in:

  • Page title Optimizing the page title will make it rank higher on the first pages. It can be optimized by using relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Page description Use catchy language and keywords and phrases to describe the page
  • Page Content Your page content must be relevant to your business and optimized with keywords or phrases.
  • Social Media: To give your page a larger base and greater visibility, you should link it to social media platforms.
  • Sitemaps These are the blueprint of your website that search engines use to crawl, index, and locate your website’s content. Sitemaps tell search engines which pages are most important. There are four types:
  • The most common, and the most used, is the XML sitemap. It links different pages on your website to the normal.
  • Google uses video sitemaps to help them understand your site’s video content.
  • News Sitemaps are used by Google to locate content on Google News approved sites
  • Image Sitemaps are a Google tool that helps you locate all images on your site.


Website checkers will help you improve your website in many ways. To reach more people for your business, you build a website. A website checker is a great tool to help you determine if your website isn’t bringing in new business. Website checkers are a helpful tool that will analyze your website and suggest improvements.

Your website design, speed, and security are all checked by the checker. Without a website tester, you may not be able to identify the reason your site isn’t getting traffic. After you have made changes, the website checker can be used every other day to help you determine what improvements are needed.