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Fix Hacked Website is a specialist on cyber security in the payment card industry-we are conducting forensic investigations on companies that have been hacked and lost data on payment cards-and helping organizations around the world to recover from being hacked. We are among the world’s most active forensic teams and we work internationally with thousands of companies.

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After noticing an early trend in small to medium sized eCommerce websites being hacked, we built this scanner several years ago-and we found similar malware being used-worldwide-to collect stolen payment card data from these hacked websites.

Web Protection

Several years later, we are now monitoring millions of sites and alerting site owners when they run the risk of breaching their websites.

Our Threat Intelligence Group analyzes every single forensic investigation that we carry out on hacked websites in order to update our scanner:

  1. New malware
  2. New attack methods
  3. New exploits

We are continuously upgrading the scanner to help industry stay ahead of the criminals.

Free Website Malware scan

Malware Scanner is a free online tool where you can scan any malware, hidden codes, iframes, vulnerabilities etc. on your website. The scanning is conducted in such a way that the tool carries out a deep searching weaving through the website’s length and width, and even external links.

Our advanced malware scanner lets you get a comprehensive report of your website’s status if it is affected by any infamous code, and advises business owners to take urgent action. The online scanner also warns the owners that their website may become blacklisted due to various security threats.

Website Malware Removal & Fixing Hacked Website Processes
Is your Website is hacked?

The hacking of websites isn’t a rare occurrence. This is happening in abundance and you are not alone. A hacked website displays some signs that will help you confirm that my website has been hacked.

Typical Signs of a Website Hacked

  1. Google and other blacklisting services get the website blacklisted.
  2. The Website will be shut down by hosting providers
  3. This will take a long time for the website to charge or not to load at all.
  4. Warning messages could be Danger: Malware Ahead! Or Warning: Visiting this website can be harmful to your computer or malware, etc.
  5. Visitors will report unusual redirects to your site
  6. The website sends out e-mails by itself
  7. When your website displays any or more of the above signs then your website have certainly been hacked.

Website security software DOES protect the websites, web servers, and web applications of the company. It must not allow websites to become compromised and then charge a heavy amount to website owners for malware cleaning and repair of hacked website.